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Maria Linn

Hello Everyone!

I have been in Auto Sales for 11 years now, and am currently a BDC Manager at a small Dealership. I am 8 months in to my job here and still do not have any type of bonus plan?? I have requested a meeting for this I need some help! lol

I ran my first BDC five years ago and did very well. I have since worked for several dealerships, still doing BDC/Internet Sales. I am the only one right now in this department. I am paid $15 an hour and paid $100 for any vehicle that I do sell. That's it..

Please help me with some points to discuss Monday with the owner, so we can finally agree on some type of bonus plan.

Aaron Wyse

How can someone doing Internet Sales get hourly??  That's a 24/7 job for best results; they certainly wouldn't expect a customer to wait till the next day for a response or information.  Rather than $15hr, I would recommend a base Salary, plus per copy sold.  I'm not sure what type of volume you're producing or expecting; but internet affects so much more than just the vehicle sales.  A properly run Internet Department can have a noticable effect on the service department as well.

I would suggest having information like lead volume, closing ratios, sales numbers, total gross as well as per copy.  Depending on how many leads you have coming in, I try to keep each of the members of my Internet Team under 40-50 leads per month.   They're more effective from 20-30; but much over 50 and they'll start to get sloppy and miss follow ups.  I took over a department selling 15-18 units a month, and was set a goal of 30.  We're now keeping a closing ratio from 16-22%, selling from 50-70 units a month.  Still finding the deals we're missing by holding too much gross.

A quality and user friendly CRM can also make a night and day difference.  Feel free to reach out to me.


Megan Barto

Aaron - are the members of your internet team cradle to grave or appointment setters? If they're appointment setters - 40-50 leads a month seems light.  Considering that would equate out to just over one lead per day.  I've found the sweet spot for people "on their game" to be closer to 80 leads a month....

Maria Linn

Thank you Aaron Wyse! I appreciate you! We are a smaller store, however, receiving 700+ leads per month. Last month, we sold 61 units and 32 of them were Internet. I do receive the hourly and was thinking the same thing as you...also spiff me per Internet unit sold? Keep it coming Aaron!! My meeting was postponed until tomorrow!

Aaron Wyse

Feel free to hit me up directly.  I'm always here.


Mark Rask

I have a fairly large bdc and i am paid a salary plu a bonus for both of the stores performance

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