Percent of ups from BDC

Jason Davenport
What is the total number of leads your BDC handles each month? It varies by store for us, but we usually see no less than 25 percent of our floor traffic generated through the BDC, whether a phone call, email lead or other prospecting activities. It does vary from month to month but this is benchmark that I look at for the last 4 years.
Cheryl Lynn
Robert: "70% of all sales" are generated by leads that come through the internet department.
Dennis Galbraith
It's always interesting to see the range of responses to this question. Jason is certainly right, what is optimal will vary by store brand, location, and history. The thing to watch out for is spending money to cannibalize walk-in traffic (customers that walk-in without ever phoning, emailing, or chatting). A pop-up $300 coupon on the home page that forces customers to become an email lead in order to get the discount is going to increase traffic through the BDC. But how much of that traffic would have just walked in? It's important to have an answer and calculate the net benefit of the program. The objective of advertising is to get people to take a positive action toward a sale that they otherwise would not have taken. When we simply get them to take one positive action instead of one of equal value to us, that is not a step forward. Measuring cannibalization is tough, but it is an essential step toward properly answering Robert's question.
Vinnie Micciche
A store that sees sales of 40+% from their BDC or Internet departemnt is doing an above average job. As Dennis said there are many variable that can skew this such as: bad procees or good process at the store, ad budget, creative, quality of people handling the leads and calls to the store and most importantly buy in and support from EVERYONE involved.
Stan Sher
There is a major challenge here. Out of 300 total ups how many come from the BDC. You have to start by evaluating how many internet leads are coming in. Once you know how many leads came in, break it down after you clean up duplicates and bad leads. From there follow your normal metrics of how many people you bring in the door. Do the same thing for your phone ups, retention calls, and other marketing efforts. Once you see how many came through the door you can break down how many the BDC accounted for. Remember that a lot of junk comes and go through your CRM from bad leads including duplicates and leads with no phone number.
Craig Waikem
Jason, great job at 25%. Does that include bad or bogus leads or after your leads are clean? Cheryl, you can attribute 70% of sales to a customer who submitted a lead or called? Or is this sourced/question asked after they purchased? Vinnie, what percent of your leads do you get into the showroom? Stan what is your benchmark for leads to show? Thx for the input.

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