Phone Call Closing Ratio

Travis Morss
We have had an inbound Internet Department for 3 years now and have a good idea for benchmark closing ratios. We have recently added the inbound sales calls to the mix. What would you guys consider a good benchmark for phone closing ratio?
Chris K Leslie
Dude, that is such a hard number to calculate. Are they 100% true phone ups? never sent an email lead or bought from you? Are you counting total phone calls vs unique phone calls? Are you eliminating transfers or folks you might get zero info from? My personal opinion is that the phone should be a tool that helps the department achieve it's goals. Does it really matter how many calls come in vs out? Is the phone going to get cancelled if it doesn't produce? Probably not, so why measure it? It's like trying to cancel Google Analytics because it didn't deliver more people to a sales form vs a VDP. Unless you're solely in the phone answering business like a Wells Fargo call center would I ever consider the phone to be an accountable utility.
Travis Morss
We do actually track our calls and disposition them. Once the lead is created by a phone call it turns into a sales event and all the following calls stay inside of that event. All service or transferred calls to f&I or existing floor sales are filtered out of the numbers. So tracking the unique opportunity is actually quite easy with the proper CRM Utilization and call tools. That being said I am seeking a benchmark on what you call a "unique" pure phone lead.
Alexis Bassler
What kind of closing ratio are you looking for specifically? An overall closing ratio (all prospect sources) around 19%. First time visit, 12-15%. Unsold showroom followup appointments, 10%. Appx 50% of appointments set (including tentative) should show, and 50% of show should be closed on the sales floor. (Basing these averages off of a Market Performance class I was in with Sonic Automotive).
Chris K Leslie
Yep, what Alexis said. By unique phone lead, I mean. The person is not in your database at all and the phone call is the first contact ever.
Keith Wilkerson
Alexis is right on it. Appoint about half of the phone ups you take, half show, half sell.

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