Phone Call Quota and how best to get there?

Scott Moreau
How would you guys recommend reaching a quota of 50 phone calls without cheating the system. Our salesmen are having trouble getting those calls in without it taking 4-6 hours. In that time frame, the veterans who don't have to make any calls are getting 2-3 sales in and leaving all of the green peas feeling like its all rigged. Suggestions?
Michael Bilson
Have you thought of having a single point person handle those prospecting calls and then handing off to sales? Helping to eliminate calling at the wrong time, not being able to call back at the right time, not to mention the bad phone numbers and leads. Perhaps automating that process to ensure it happens?
Chris Olson
@ Chris, you're spot on. If you have an ISM making 50 calls a day then he/she's not selling cars. Our KPIs focus on a base expectation of x phone calls/day if they don't have any appointments. If they have a shown appt they get x call credits. If the appt sells, they get an additional call credit. My experience has shown that continually tracking these numbers gives you an accurate idea of what an ISM can actually handle vs what they are constantly telling us they can handle.

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