Phone Company

T J Houghton
Your phone hardware should parse out the calls. You will have to have someone program it for you. We don’t use 800 numbers or vanity numbers. We do have numbers that are advertised in certain places that ring straight to departments so our customers don’t have to go through an automated process or operator. We also have numbers that are further up the tree that let the customer choose the department. Hope that helps you. TJ
Byron Womack
TJ, We do the same as you. But our problem is customers tend to use the first number they see. We have moved the Internet Sales number last, in the middle etc.....we still have the same issue. I simply want one number that prompts our customers. Our land line system does not allow that to happen.
Ryan Leslie
Hey Byron, I spent a good bit of time talking with Mike Haeg from Century Interactive at a trade-show. I'm not sure if this is something that he can do for you or not, but I bet that he can point you in the right direction if he can't. He's a good guy and I've only heard good stuff about the company too. Good Luck, Ryan
Craig Waikem
We have had horrible luck with Century Interactive who OneCommand outsources. I would not recommend Century Interactive. If our problems are corrected, I will update this post, but since January they have been unable to fix the problem, and they never keep us updated. I always have to email them to ask for a status.
Patrick Elverum
He Craig, I am really sorry to hear that you have been having issues. It's not like us to let a problem persist without finding a resolution. We'll be in touch shortly to figure out what's going on and get it fixed. We'll do whatever it take to make it right. Best, Patrick Elverum 214-919-4126
Craig Waikem
After posting this comment you and Jennifer Whaley both reached out, otherwise it's been weeks with no contact. I will get Jennifer up to speed and see if we can resolve our problems. Thx for reaching out.

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