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Kevin Reid
With the stores that I've seen with the best results all of the phone calls are routed through the internet or BDC department. The process I use starts with asking how the customer heard about the dealership, or where they've seen the car they're inquiring about listed online. The rep tries to broaden the customers search by asking a few questions, (Are you looking for that vehicle specifically, or just the nicest one in that style and price range? What features are important to you in your car?) Next they tell the customer that they're going to check the inventory for them, then the ask for the customers first name and the spelling of their last name. because it might take a while what would be the best # to reach them on. Once they have the contact info they ask to place the customer on a brief hold while they check the inventory. After a 10 second hold they come back and say "great news that car is available and go for the appt.give the customer door to door directions, and confirm the date and time. I have my reps assume the vehicle is available (unless its a really rare bird) and then check once off the phone with the customer. Its easier to set an appt and cancel it, than try to call back to get the customer on the phone. The process results in an appointment being set on the first call 60%+ of the time.

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