Phone Training

Chris K Leslie

Do you have a company that is doing mystery shops and helping with phone training? 

Have you seen better results sine they started? 

Casimiro (Casey) Garza

Not here, but went thru this in my old store years back and it helped a lot.  Us making a sales call to another store and hearing the competition handle these calls tells us a lot as to the lacking of this all dealerships!

Morgan Hardy

Our brands do 3 each month. They send the results so we can work from there. 

Bart Wilson

My favorite tool was call tracking. We would randomly select calls in a training meeting. The salespeople had a score sheet, and we would play the calls for everyone to score. If the call scored high enough, we would spiff the sales rep. Nobody likes looking bad in front of their peers, and I found this was a really powerful way to keep up the quality of our phone calls.

Chris K Leslie

Thats a good approach Bart but whos got the time =) 

Morgan Hardy

I've listened to a lot of not so great calls that salespeople have handled. BDC agents as well. Management took turns listening to all inbound sales calls each day of the week just for general observation and addressed issues as they came up. 

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