Physical Appointment Board?

gregg hayim
Hey guys... Over the years I have gradually moved away from a physical board and have relied more on my CRM's log to view my day. While technology is great, its my opinion that some things are just best to do the old fashioned way....anyway, I plan on getting back to a daily appointment board/easle for me and my team to get a nice visual and so the past, I had used a dry erase board and hand wrote the days appointments, the scheduled time and salesperson....I wanted to ask if any of you all still use a physical board and if so, how you go about formatting, updating and presenting- just some inspiration. Let me know and thanks in advance!
Megan Barto
We use a physical board for our internet/phone appointments. I think it's important to have some kind of recgonition for the customers when they arrive - it helps them to feel welcome & special & important. Now granted, quite a few CRM's have this function built in & it's broadcast on a TV. Which is a genius idea. :-)
an appt board is absolutely mandatory, is for customer experience, not for us. A digital display is even better but I've seen this implemented in a way that is only visable to employees and managers, this should be front and center...we are expecting you...boom!
gregg hayim
Do you guys have any recomendations for a digital display? I like the sound of that
Gregg, there's usually a few ways this can be done. Some CRM vendors support this naively, while others charge an extra fee to push the appointment data... you can also google dealership appointment digital display for vendors that can do this for you as well. I'd reach out to your CRM rep and let him know you want to do this and you need help...he can probably get you the specifics on your setup and may be able to assist in the deployment
gregg hayim
Thanks Colin, appreciate it

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