Picture vin decoding

gregg hayim
So I've been seeing more and more vin decoding technology from the tech sites which make vin decode possible with just a picture. Does anyone know what this sort of technology is called? Any insight?
Shawn Ryder
Would like some insight on this as well - it is basically a UPC code scanner for automotive - seems readily available to know the VIN and in turn the details of the vehicle. Would certainly like to know any details others can educate us on it as well!
Mark Hoffman
So a few years ago, I wrote software to do exactly this. As you suspected, the process is basically getting the VIN itself from the the barcode, then using a 3'rd party service to provide info about the VIN itself. If you're technically minded take a look at Zebra Crossing (https://github.com/zxing/zxing). It's a library to return a barcode from an image. There might be others out there today that are better, but at the time I was playing around with this, they were one of the better open-source solutions. So once you have the VIN, it's pretty easy to get additional data. Edmunds has a pretty good (and free!) API that takes a VIN and returns info about it. (http://developer.edmunds.com/). Chrome has a much better VIN decoder, but they are quite proud of it and it's not cheap. Nowadays, these type of tech is pretty standard fare for most companies that offer mobile tools. The technology is pretty stable and there is plenty of open-source code available.
mark rask
We just scan the vin

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