Pictures of New Cars

Dave Page
The only way to get some dealer owners, GM's etc, is to prove to them that it works, and make sure you can back it up! It not just pictures that make your website flat, its MANY THINGS - Read this - Look at the second portion of that photos - New Car Photos Grade - 0
kelly hazlehurst
I don't know about this grading thing. All I need is my CRM and my google analytics to prove how important and effective it is to have pictures. It is true that there are many things that effect the conversion of the web site though!
Dave Apps
I agree Kelly setting up tracking in Google analytic's and your CRM will give you a clear picture of what products are working and how well. The key is to setup "SEPARATE" monitors for all products and campaigns. It's a lot of work but once you have it, it is worth its weight in GOLD! When you setup monitors you have to be careful. Many sites generate their contact forms dynamically using the same URL. This does not allow individual tracking. Dealer Apex does allow individual tracking. Visit : for more information on Dealer Apex Dealer Apex also provides quarterly reports that give the dealers a unique insight into their digital market share in their area in comparison to their competition. This report is extremely accurate. History has proven time and time again that if a dealer has good BDC processes in place the higher they rank on this report the closer they get to become #1 in sales.
Bravo Kelly ... Way to recognize the success and drop off. Thanks for posting.
Alex Schoeneberger
Merchandising new cars with real photos, pricing, and seller's notes is proven to significantly boost VDP views on (based on their 2012 Merchandising Site Statistics) and will increase your SRP ranking on sites like because vehicles there are ranked based on merchandising strength to gain the shopper's interest. VDP views isn't an end-all-be-all metric, but Cobalt's 2012 study, "The VIN Journey," found that the more VDP views a vehicle gets, the less time it stays in inventory on average. Here's the breakdown of what found when they looked at new car merchandising last year: - There were 220% more VDP views per listing when a new vehicle had multiple real photos vs. no photos, 152% more compared to a stock photo, and 77% more vs. a single real photo. - Vehicles with seller's notes showed a 60% increase in VDP views vs. vehicles without notes. - There were 27% more VDP views per listing on new inventory when the vehicle was priced vs. not priced. It sounds like you were seeing similar results (and now the lack of those results) here with new car photos. When you have a chance to regroup, I strongly encourage you to test adding pricing and seller's notes into the mix as well to see if the effort is worth it - I'll bet it will be. Good luck and happy selling!

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