Process or Pricing?

Ron Henson
Process or Pricing? Which do you feel is more important for the success of your Internet Department / BDC / Reverse BDC / Internet Store / Single Internet Manager?
Lauren Moses
I think the process. Pricing can always be negotiated. Process, you can never change once you've done it.
Dustin Lyons
I would always say that the process and building value for the customer is always more important, however the car business has allowed price to be a very dominant factor that starts with ads from the manufacturer, and continues through the dealers ads, and is front and center with online car shopping. This has opened the door for 3rd parties to heavily influence price and the internet has made price a huge competitive factor. So in our current situation prices must be competitive, but ultimately it will be the process and the value that wins in the end.
mark rask
Process. Process. Process
Jon Flynn
Ron, Price is not why people buy. Sure price is an issue, but people buy because they are lead through the buying process. It doesn't matter if you are selling new $13,000 cars, $80,000 SUV's, $3,000 pots, or $100,000 used exotics. It doesn't matter if it is internet, BDC, on the lot, out of service, or outside prospecting; it all comes down to process.
Adam Ross
Pricing should be a PART of the process. Nobody buys a car without knowing what the price is. Why the big secret?

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