Quality of leads, Quantity of leads

Steve Momot

A recent report showed for the first time that increasing the volume of leads wasn't the top priority for car dealers.  Does anyone have any experience related to this shift that explains it?  Is it false?  Is it Dead on?  

Chris K Leslie

I agree. Our website close rates are way higher. So logically it makes sense to do more to get more people to our sites more often. 

Steve Momot

Yes I noticed that dealer websites have much higher ROI than 3rd parties but I also "assumed" that the higher ROI was due to the fact that on a dealer site they are shopping you, not everyone.  The same applies for many websites who may make multiple landing pages for a few bucks to capture a very very targeted audience.  For example:  Instead of writing content for  Chevy Tahoe you write content for a Chevy Tahoe for a Single Mom in a rural town.  Costs you 5$ to make the simple page that directs them to your Chevy dealership but if over several years you get 5 customers total out of it that's great ROI.  But it's not a model for massive profits in and of itself.

I guess what I am saying is that we all know most buyers spend most of their time on 3rd party sites, so obviously, the ROI will never be as high as even the "Chevy Tahoe for a single mom in a rural town" landing page because there are just so many people, but over time do they bring in more business?  From what it sounds like you are saying, no.

Maybe the solution for you is if 3rd parties fluctuated the rates on their performance and not arbitrary milestones?  Example:  If you are paying for my service and I have 15 million users a month then in 6 months I have 20 million, that doesn't mean I am more valuable to YOU and that now we deserve to raise YOUR rates.  We should look at if YOU experienced higher traffic and if YOU had better sales over that period.  Knowing you will likely claim it's just a coincidence we should prepare by having a way to confirm we actually sent business to the store, not just that someone filled out a capture form or was clicking on your listings.  Am I onto anything there or am I missing the point?    

Alana Reyes


Tori Zinger

I think it's dead on. I think that dealers are starting to realize that lead volume is important, but is not necessarily the MOST important thing.

Ed Borg

We view leads in two ways.  Of course we want the highest quality lead with the greatest ROI.  But, we also recognize the fact that once we obtain a customer's email address we now have an opportunity to market to them for the next five years if they do not opt-out.  A prospect that knows who you are and where you are is a greater opportunity then a conquest prospect.  

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