Question for those in decision-making roles:

Tori Zinger

When you are in the market for a new product such as CRM, DMS, or AI, how important to you are online reviews? Would you consider a smaller, lesser-known product that had a lot of good reviews over a larger, more popular product that had mediocre reviews? Would you spend more on a product that had excellent consumer reviews? 

My question is not limited to these questions -- please elaborate if you have more to say on this matter!

Ricky Patrick

I prefer an established well-known product usually. I need someone who will still be around in a few years. I also don't want to be the guinea pig and experience rate increases as the company grows. I feel like more established solutions are usually more compatible with services we're already using. Reviews do matter but I don't think reviews are worth very much by themselves.

Tori Zinger

Thanks, Ricky!

mark rask

i agree with ricky.....I am also in a 20 group....i always reach out to them as well

Randi DeSantis

I really don't read any reviews for products we use here. We ask for references and call other dealers. It is a small world, there is always someone who has had the product. Plus, when looking for real life experiences, you need to not only get a review, but get a review from a similar dealer. We are a multi franchise single point- a stand alone Ford store will not have the same experience we have with set ups, pricing, functionality, etc. 

Mike Cartwright

Sometimes it's also hard to trust reviews because you don't have the ability to confirm if it is really true. Then again, we still read them. But one of our best practice when buying a CRM or DRM is we ask our business connections, networks, and even competitors. They can always give a more insightful and detailed review of any product.

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