Questions about Your BDC & Your CRM

Redell Holland

Hello all, I'm just wondering what are some of the challenges you may be facing with your BDC? I figured I'd start here and see where it goes.

Derrick Woolfson

One of the things we struggled with was consistency in follow-up. I found that following the work-flow in the CRM was not the most effective way to manage their phone calls. Instead, we used the CRM's desklog, which showed the internet leads that came in every day (along with phone calls) and worked our way backward. In doing so, we saw an increase in the set-rate because we focused on what was hot. Once we called the current leads we then got into 30 day+ follow-up.  

Redell Holland


Thanks for the information, We also work from newest to oldest and you're correct it has always worked much better that way.

Derrick Woolfson

Do you guys see all of the emails that came into the CRM? When we got access to all of the incoming emails we did much better! Before that, if the sales consultant was off then their customer did not get an email for one to two days, which could have meant losing a sale. 

Redell Holland

Yes, everyone actually gets a notification as well


Bev Morton

Check my recent post for the struggles I’m having....

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