Referring to inventory vehicle as "ours"

Marisa Pennington

I keep seeing this in the email templates my Sales Professionals use: "Thank you for inquiring on our vehicle" - the more I see it the more it makes me think that we, as a dealership, are coming off as possessive of our inventory...  Would it be better to refer to it as "the vehicle" or maybe even take it a step further and assume ownership "Mr. Customer, we have your new vehicle"? 

Am I overthinking this?

Tori Zinger

I'm undecided on this. Following to see what others have to say!

mark rask

I do think that the vehicle would be best

Chris K Leslie

I always like to assume ownership up front. I want the car to be the customers so I assume it already is. 

using words like "your" I think is better than "our" unless your making a value statement. 

Assume ownership, plant the seed I say!! 

Randi DeSantis

I understand the idea of putting the ownership back on the customer, but I also feel that that can seem presumptive. I think "our" is better than "the"- I feel like "the" comes across as steryl or disconnected. "Our" to me at least feels more welcoming.

I am sure its all personal opinion, and probably skews with different generations too. 

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