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mark rask

We currently have a bdc that handles three stores...the department is located where two of the stores are. The other store is an hour away. I am looking for input on managing a bdc that is an hour away from where your reps are located. Do any of you have experience doing this? What are the pros and cons?

Aaron Berg

We have recently joined our two BDC departments into one. Like yours, the two stores are 50 miles away. A month in, we are still working out the issues. One solution we have found is using the alert feature through our CRM. We use UDC Momentum and are able to send alerts to individual sales managers/sales consultants. This works well when employees are at their desk but becomes an issue when someone is off or with a customer for an extended period of time. We are looking into a cell phone alert to overcome this issue.

mark rask

Thanks aaron, we are running in to the same types of issues

Dealer Guy

May I suggest you all get onto #SLACK and that will immediately solve your communication issue. It's FREE unlike most other important tools a vendor has sold you.

mark rask

Thanks I will look in to #slack

Chris K Leslie

We use slack like a boss around here. 

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