Reply to: I'm shopping for the best price

Dealer Guy

Reply to: I'm shopping for the best price

Great Mrs. Jones, I appreciate you telling me that. So what you are really saying to me is that you are looking for a dealer who is willing to take the least profit on this car in order to earn your business - is that correct? 


Super, then let's make this an easy sale for the managers and a win-win for you!: if we find a car on the lot which fits your needs & wants and we get your approval on the good numbers, you're ready to take the car home today right!?


(This neutralizes the customer and get's them to think about what they really are asking for)

Chris K Leslie

Like a Boss... 

This would make me cringe in email format, but I can actually see the right person with the right inflection and personality pull this off on the phone lol.

Dealer Guy

I never say that in an email, always in person. Only if and when they say, I'm shopping for the best price. Everyone is.

Carlo Castillo

Let's say the question was in email, how you respond then?

Matt Lamberth

I usually try and answer a customer's email questions as directly as possible.  However, I have used a couple variations including:

"I am more than happy to get some discounted pricing information from my manager.  Currently the vehicle is priced at $xxx.xx, where are you hoping to be on price?"

"I am more than happy to help with that information.  To get the best price it is often helpful for me to have some additional information for my manager.  Do you mind telling me if you have a trade-in?  Do you plan on financing or paying cash?"  

You can also ask some qualifying information for different rebates and incentives if it is a new car.  Anything to try and get them to share info with you and get them off the direct quote.

It is also helpful to ask if they have a some time to let you call them and go over your best pricing offer.  That way you can try and speak with them directly and see if they will reveal what their target budget is.

Regardless, I would never differ a customer's direct email question more than once.  

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