Requesting Quick Tips for Handling Social Media Attack

Ryan Leslie
Sorry to hear that Wendy. I have a few suggestions specific to this circumstance and will call you shortly.
Wendy Lowen
Thanks for your call Ryan, it was a great encouragement to get an outside parties input on our response. I'll just summarize what we did in case anyone else is wondering. We did some quick internal research about the posters allegations and what had occurred with her in our store. That enabled us to draft a response that "took the high road" by pointing out that we do care but ultimately her claims were invalid by providing some facts. I tried to be brief because I feared if I threw too much into a response, I'd only be providing ammunition for follow up attacks. And although there is much more to the story, I stuck to the two concerns she posted. It may not be the end of it, but at this point we don't plan to engage online further, and we are encouraging her to continue to work with the manufacturer.
Stan Sher
My advise is to continue to post great content and do things that will build up quality press. In the long run you will be fine. If the dealership somehow wronged this ex-employee it might be time to considering fixing what made them angry in the first place. I know I wanted to go crazy on a previous employer once after they did not want to pay me $6k that was owed to me. I even lost the battle in court because they made false claims that the judge accepted. I just moved on. They would make a friend in me if they just did the honorable thing. But I had no time to focus on the bad. This person needs to be dealt with in a positive fashion.

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