Reserving Vehicles Online

Victoria Dillabough

I was at a website trade show this week and one vendor showed us the ability to reserve a vehicle online with a deposit for a test drive.. has anyone seen or tried this out?! I thought it was unreal exclusive and cool! 

Marie Nies

I think that is a great idea. Tell us more.....

Bart Wilson

Great idea.  I'm with Marie.  How does it work?

Ryan Harvey

I'd be extremely interested in this as well. Are you able to set parameters for expiration times or how far in advance a vehicle can be reserved? Are you able to select which vehicles it is available on?

Derrick Woolfson

This is a REALLY neat idea!! This could also play into the "cart" concept, the customer could - when clicking the reserve button - be taken to a landing page where they could submit a "deposit" via an ACH payment. At which point, if they purchased, the deposit could go towards the deal. This is very smart. 

Amanda Hanson

tell us more! 

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