Responding to a "buyer"

Eric Bolster Jr
Question for my dealer friends - How much time do you feel is "too long" in responding to a buyer? And by "buyer" I mean someone who has submitted a credit app and stock number.
Chris K Leslie
Once it hits your CRM?
wayne marriott
as soon as possible and if you are busy then forward it too another salesperson
Ken Gregson
Based on a tremendous amount of data analytics we began teaching 15 minutes as the target a couple of years ago.
Alexander Coleman
Agree with Ken ^ Your target response time should be between 7-15 minutes, depending on what sources you read. In my opinion, I think 30 minutes is considered way too long before responding to a customer.
Colin Thomas
the target I always communicate with my team is 5 minutes - if it goes over 7 minutes I'm having a conversation with my management to improve lead handling and response time. My feeling is that if you don't have the staff to handle 2-3 inbound / internet leads at a time you may want to consider additional staff to allow for adequate coverage.

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