Responding to 'Best Price' Inquiry

Daryl Marritt
What do you find your most effective response when answering the 'What's your best price?' question in an eLead?
Lauren Moses
Daryl, Great question. And one that varies so much depending on market and tons of other things. I personally love the "Our Best Price is what you really think this car is worth" However we all know it doesn't work like that. I wouldn't so much focus on giving them a price as getting them in. Schedule the appointment and say you will have a price once they get here and have test driven the vehicle to make sure that it's what they really want. "If you don't like it then what's the point of giving you a price on it?" and Yes...I have told that to customers but not very often
Michael Crain
That is a tough questions. Like Lauren says there are so things it depend. on. Some will tell you to price it, others will price it. If they are on a specific stock # then I think you should give them the price. We always avoided giving price bes tbike the plague.
Ron Henson
Welcome to automobile sales in 2015. With all due respect Lauren, deflecting the price question and seeing "when they can come in" is a good method for assuring that many of them don't come in. The dealerships that are winning in today's marketplace are the ones who understand that Customer Experience is king. Don't be afraid to give a price when asked and then to build value in why they should buy from your store. Build your brand with pride and conviction! This is not a "lowest price wins" sales environment today. Consumers demand transparency and those who fail to offer it get dropped from consideration. In my humble opinion.
Michael Crain
The one thing to remember that the price you give them, they are going to shop you at other dealers.
Ron Henson
I agree Michael and that is not something to fear. Blow your customer away with experience and transparency and it's the competitors who will have to play catch up.

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