Revitalizing Internet Dept/BDC

Leland Bowman

Good morning, all! So, some exciting news on my end: I've been contacted by another store to revitalize their BDC/Internet Dept and be their eCommerce manager. It's a brand new store with huge growth opportunities, and they're doing pretty well right now. They're looking to me to take them to the next level. So just like in sales, we need to do a needs assessment and find out their problem areas, main concerns, but also their strengths, and where they do well at.

I need some assistance from current internet managers who have been in my position. Where should I go after that? I've been researching successful BDC practices and I know what I needed from my ISM, but because I needed it doesn't mean someone else will. Any info is welcome, scripts, processes, word tracks, goals, objectives, etc. Help me out here!

Leland Bowman

And don't be afraid if you have this question either! We'll get through it together! My first plan is to see how they take incoming calls and see why they're either missing deals, not getting engagement, and find out issues they're having.

Derrick Woolfson

@leland - congrats! that is pretty exciting. I think the most important thing to do (first) is work w/ the GM/Owner in so far as setting metrics and expectations for the staff. Planning out how many staff you will have - their hours - and the cost of the department. Once you have nailed down what is the staff is expected to do make sure the CRM (whichever platform you use) has the reporting in place that you will be using. Thereafter, if you have agreed to a metric on set & show rate - make sure your lead volume is there. Wherein, if you are wanting 200+ shown appointments per month, but let's say only have 365 leads (phone/internet) you will have to diversify your pipeline to perhaps OEM campaigns, etc. If you don't have set expectations or a means of tracking them it can be quite tricky. What is your email? I can send over some sample pay plans based on NADA stats as well as some scripts, & work-flows. 

AJ Ibrahim

I am in the process of developing a hybrid BDC within our dealership as well. I would suggest considering investing in a cloud-based predictive dialing system.(I'm leaning to five9 since they are the biggest but there are many options) It will be a great way to really get some detailed metrics about incoming sales calls as well how each team member is contributing and where their talents should be focused. Primary goals would be Internet leads, incoming calls as well as calling service and existing clients to maximise retention. When your appointments and sales stack up, your department will be exceptional. Best of luck!

Tori Zinger

Loving this input so far. Leland, please keep us updated on your progress!

Tori Zinger

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