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Leland Bowman

Good morning, all! So, some exciting news on my end: I've been contacted by another store to revitalize their BDC/Internet Dept and be their eCommerce manager. It's a brand new store with huge growth opportunities, and they're doing pretty well right now. They're looking to me to take them to the next level. So just like in sales, we need to do a needs assessment and find out their problem areas, main concerns, but also their strengths, and where they do well at.

I need some assistance from current internet managers who have been in my position. Where should I go after that? I've been researching successful BDC practices and I know what I needed from my ISM, but because I needed it doesn't mean someone else will. Any info is welcome, scripts, processes, word tracks, goals, objectives, etc. Help me out here!

Leland Bowman

So, here we are 60 days into the new job and here's an update, as well as problems. I'm hoping you guys can offer insight on both.
-I had my BDC manager (I'm the eCommerce Director) quit after the first month. She went across the street because she felt bringing me in was a threat to her income. My job is to make them MORE money, so I'm not sure how that train ran. 
-One BDC rep went out on maternity leave, one was sick for 3 weeks straight. 2 BDC Sales reps went back to the floor, one got hired at another store.
-Hired another BDC sales, one from the floor came back. To clarify, I now have 4 BDC reps and 2 sales reps in my dept.

So far, numbers are up slightly, but our GM sits in here with us and constantly tells us we need more appointments. I'm using Vinsolutions CRM, and I'm tasked with being an airtraffic controller, assigning tasks, follow up, taking phone t/os, and above all, ensuring that we're setting appointments. This month we've been on the edge of doing great, but I've had to take a lot of time training new hires and making sure they have the process correctly. Right now, here's the gameplan, Metrics are as follows:
BDC reps- 90 calls, 30 emails, 5 appointments
BDC Sales- 20 calls, 5 emails, 2 appointments.
In theory we should have 24 appointments per day, just from the requirements...

9:00 everyone's logged in, following up with leads on the timer. My 2nd in command is my best rep for follow up. I normally get her to hit the hottest leads and work previous day showroom traffic that did not sell.
I have them normally focused on previous week's leads and traffic followup just so our time is spent focused on that 7 day window and hitting older leads as we get through the newer stuff. I want my bdc reps to hit new leads at least 4 times per day.
Here's where I'm unsure of what process is best and less confusing: I don't know if I should have specific customers assigned to each BDC agent, or have them take turns taking swings at the phone and whoever is able to get the appointment gets credit for it. 

Another issue I'm having trouble with is either lead quality or follow-up quality. Half of my primary leads are non-responsive, we're in a low-credit area, not a premier brand  (Hyundai) so I'm looking to help improve traffic, and of course create units/gross. Any thoughts?

Britta  Apfel


I specialize in consulting Service BDC departments. I would love to chat with you to see if we can increase growth by 20% in your service department! E-mail me and let's talk -

Bart Wilson


I for one would love an update.  How has your BDC been performing since you last posted?

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