Round and Around

Amanda Gordon

How does your group handle lead distribution. Round robin, first to act or at management discretion?

Vidushi Jain

I have a preference for lead grabber (first to act) given it improves response rate and thus conversion rate. Would love to know what everyone uses and prefers.

Chris Murray

I train managers to distribute leads to the most effective salespeople. Just because you are fast does not mean you are any good. By the same token best does not mean fast which is also required so management must really get the BEST then FASTEST  salespeople to deliver leads to in my opinion.

I've always been an advocate for highest closing % getting some love...

Derrick Woolfson

Since we have a BDC the lead (when it comes in) goes to whoever is available, BUT - it is a manual round-robin, which allows us to avoid leads that are duplicates that did not merge (credit apps, coupons, etc). And I go through the dashboard daily to make sure that all leads were answered correctly. Now, if one rep is getting 3-4x more than I will step back and look at set, show, sold rate. Understanding that the most a rep should handle (between campaigns - OEM manifest lists, internet leads, & phone) is roughly 100-125 leads. This has been very effective. And lessened the number of fights. 

Keeping people happy, Derrick! 

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