Sales BDC - when leads opt out of text messaging

Linda Loepker

How do you handle that?  Does the opt out make them a DNC?

I feel like they aren't interested at that point, especially if I haven't gotten a response before that.


Chris K Leslie

We will still call or email them depending on what info we have. 

Dave Wells

@Linda - are your recipients actually opting into getting text from you or are you automatically enrolling them once they provide a phone #? 

Linda Loepker

Yes, they are opting in.

Thanks Chris!

Dave Wells

@Linda - that helps. I think as long as you have other means of communication like phone or email, the level of concern would be low. If they opt out of others and decline your phone calls then it would be high. There are still a lot of people who don't want to communicate through text outside of friendly personal matters. 

I do know there are CRM's out there that allow the lead/client to select their preferred communication method (email, phone, text...)

Hope that helps

Mark Rask

We still call and e mail

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