Sales calls........

Jeff White
How many phone ups a month should a store with 1400 cars in inventory be getting? We are averaging about 5 a day and that seems like a small number for a dealership our size.
Brandon McNett
That seems low on my end Jeff. It's hard to quantify something like that, at least from my perspective. I think the more pressing factor would be your internet presence and marketing efforts....I'm not an expert though. Someone with much more experience and that's way better at their job will likely be able to give you an idea. At our dealerships (around 150-200 vehicles each) we get between 50-90 Phone ups (entered into our CRM) per month. Hope that helps.
mark rask
We are more in line with Brandon.......however we have about 500 vehichles
Gin Park
Inbound sales phone calls is based on a lot of factors from my experience:-population density within your immediate to regional area-inventory lot selection, website access ability to said inventory, exports-phone number availability in key profit centers throughout search engines, web pages, directories, mobile, etc.-1400 cars in inventory doesn't equate to a certain % of sales calls-competing dealerships and their web advantages, app advantages (organic rank, advertising visibility, etc)-brand selection & consumer interest - this is another huge one, brand selection-local brand & reputation - this is self explanatoryAnd more factors, but the above listed should give you an idea of variables. :edit: left out inventory imaging, pricing, presentation, etc. also very important factors.
Jeff White
Yes. We record and listen to every call that is generated from one of our 800 numbers. I know that there are a lot of factors involved, but I am afraid we have priced ourselves on the high side of the market and therefore we have cost ourselves opportunities.
Brandon McNett
Do a mystery shop/price comparison on similarly trimmed vehicles. Sometimes your Inventory Management system can provide you with a market analysis on your used cars. The info is there, you just have to go find it, track it and compare it.

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