Sales Consultants Buy their Own Desks & Computers?

Derrick Woolfson

Five years in I hadn't given it much thought. That is having bought my own desk and office supplies. Actually, instead of a desk, I work off of a folding table, using metal file folder bins as monitor supports. And while I do dream of one day having a real desk I honestly just go with the flow. 

But, in the recent months, a lot of the new hires are in pure shock when they come to realize that they do not have workstations or computers. This has resorted to the sales consultants getting clever. Turning old (small) filing cabinets and old table tops into desks, or taking a $29 dollar desk and putting it on the floor. 

As you can imagine, our showroom has turned into avant-garde art installation titled "desk - to be or not to be" allowing each's perspective to define their work station. Going back to my thread on sales consultants texting on their phones - there is also a huge concern of them using their own computers to manage customers. Do you guys share workstations? Does each sales consultant have their own computer & phone? 

Where I am we all have our own desks, phones, and computers. The office space, furniture, and phone are supplied by the company. When I started here 5.5 years ago they took $20 out of my check up to $400 I believe to pay for the computer I use. Since I never take this computer home and it stays in my office it has lasted well and hardly has issues. If there is an issue, we have an IT dept that takes care of it. Honestly, I can't imagine a scenario where I don't have an office space like the one I have now to do business in... I guess I have it pretty good! haha

Derrick Woolfson

@Scott - I would say so! So do you own the computer? Or does it belong to the dealer? I am finding that we lose a lot of the sales consultants because s/he doesn't have the means to purchase a computer, desk or phone. We do have 6 computers with a few tables. But the guys with seniority get those. As for IT - that is a hat I often wear, but with the sales consultants all having different computers, etc. it wastes a lot of time managing them. 

Ricky Patrick

The BDC manager doing IT work and no phone/computer/desk for the sales consultants. It sounds like the owners aren't willing to invest in their own business. I don't think you need to buy everyone a Macbook but at some point it becomes ridiculous. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Ricky - we do have an IT company that we use, but there are still things that have to be handled on a daily basis (especially system ADMIN). I think part of the issues is that computers only last so long before they have to be updated. I am hoping that with the OEM pushing for the usage of tablets in the store that we shift towards using them. Heck, even the CRM can be used on the iPad! 

Chris K Leslie

We have areas in the back of the stores at each of our dealerships that are for the sales folks. we have phones and computers for them. I don't think GM would be to happy if we let anyone bring in their own furniture. 

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