Sales license

Morgan Hardy

Are your BDC agents required to have a sales license? Ours are not but I have been told by some people that we should not be discussing pricing with customers without this. Is this true?

Chris K Leslie

The reason for a business license is because of how sales people are paid. It has nothing to do with talking pricing with customers. Hell BDC could even sell the customer the car as long as they didn't get paid a commission for doing it. 

R. J. James

As a precaution, all our BDC personnel have a Sales license.

Morgan Hardy

@Chris - I've done entire deals pretty much aside from meeting the customer when they came to pick up their vehicle (sometimes I would). I was told by a GM at another dealership that legally we should have a sales license in order to discuss pricing or send pricing to a customer. 

Morgan Hardy

@R.J. James - how far into the sales process does your BDC personnel get involved?

Morgan Hardy

I assume that this could vary from state to state?

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