as an Automotive CRM?

Shawn Ryder
Hey Larry - interested in hearing some feedback as well. In speaking with a contact in Brazil hear that it is used quite a bit for dealers in that country.
Michael Bilson
Don,t know any that do. It is a tool that I am familiar with and use currently but most CRM tools are customized for the needs of a auto dealer. I am assuming that you are asking since the cost of a CRM seems to be out of reach? What is the size of the dealership? How many leads and customers are you logging (including phone, walk and Internet) and what is your follow up process and marketing budget. BDC or CRM tools usually wont show immediate ROI but if you save the $2,000-$4,000 a month that a tool like that may cost, I can almost guarantee you would have made that up in revenue in 6 months to 1 year of time.
Larry Doremus Jr.
Cost isn't our biggest factor. We are looking further down the horizon. There is speculation that an automotive retail focused platform has been developed by SalesForce. We completely reap the ROI of our current CRM (Vin Solutions). We are a medium-sized dealership...about 500 leads a month just through internet and phone. I see some of the benefits of the SalesForce platform and really need a higher level of mobile functionality and can see the long term benefits of their product. The biggest concern is going through the growing pains of helping a company built a platform around the complexities of automotive retail. We aren't willing to jeopardize the integrity of our most precious commodity (our customer base) to help a company beta test a platform that isn't ready for the big show.
Michael Bilson
Larry: I see. I would certainly challenge your statement that you fully reap the ROI from VIN. The reason I say this is most of our customers using VIN as a CRM tool at AVA see 25% to 40% of their customers saying they never heard from the dealership or received the price quote promised. The reason? Lack of salesperson follow up and CRM deliverability. I would welcome an opportunity to talk with your more about AVA.
Larry Doremus Jr.
Nice pitch...ha ha! We aren't interested in AVA. We do almost everything in house even down to designing our advertisements. I've looked at AVA in the past. Not a good fit for us.
Michael Bilson
Certainly dont want to get off topic or pitch AVA. Just sharing results that I have seen first hand. Thanks larry.

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