Scripts for "Not shopping for a car" customers

Dagmar Nunez

I am working in BDC department, making appointments for customers that come to service to buy their car back. I am using the script that "we have a customer looking for your car", but it works less than expected. People are upset and say that we call them saying the same thing months ago and that they tried this beofre and does not work. I need a stronger script, to convert people with cars 2014 and older into new buyers when they are NOT looking for a car. Suggestions please. 


Hi Dagmar, if you're calling customers you've already brought in recently and couldn't do anything for the script isn't the problem...

Dagmar Nunez

Hi Colin. Thank you for your reply,

I do not make the appointments for service, but rather call customers that come to service and try to convert them, after they come to the dealer for service. So I call them and tell them " we have a customer looking for a car like yours and as a compensation we will help you get into a new car"... because of my low appointment for sales ratio, I think my script is not helping


Dagmar, perhaps I'm not fully understanding. With that said,  if your script is " we have a customer looking for a car like yours and as a compensation we will help you get into a new car  I would certainly use something with a stronger CTA. But if your dealership has already made an effort to buy their vehicle back and it didn't work several months ago as you mentioned there's a different problem alltogether..maybe you can clarify or someone else can jump in 

Ricky Patrick

I understand what you're trying to do but you need to think long-term. The last thing you want to do is be "that dealership". People will avoid your service department if they feel like they're getting a pushy sales pitch on every visit. First bit of advice would be to make notes in your CRM and don't contact them more than once per year (maybe twice). I have two TVs in service that have a list of "Vehicles we're currently seeking" and it basically says "If you have one of these, we need to talk" and they can text "APPRAISE" to a number we have listed.

Also, offer it as a service rather than something that's going to make their visit more tedious. Don't even bring up buying a car on the phone. Just ask "I noticed you're bringing your ______ in for service tomorrow. I wanted to remind you of your appointment and also offer you a FREE no-obligation appraisal while you're waiting. It won't add any time to your wait but it'll give you an idea of what your vehicle is worth."

Let the salesperson or appraiser do the selling when they get there. 

Dagmar Nunez

Well said, Ricky. Thank you so much 

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