Service BDC

Jamie Clark
I'm starting a service BDC from scratch. Any ideas on where to start? Pay plans, scripts, who to reach out to besides missed appts, declined work etc.
Kevin Patterson
We are going to try and start reaching out to delinquent customers. Our dms is able to generate a list of customers who have not had their vehicle serviced in a certain number of months. We're going to call them and ask them if we can schedule their next service visit. Maybe give away an oil change or something to get a customer away from a independent shop and back to our dealership.
Grant Gooley
A great resource to ensure you are setting up a process that is effective would be to use Driving Sales University. Good luck!
Carl Bowen
Jamie, Starting a Service BDC is a great step in the right direction. I represent DealerMine. Our Sales and Training Specialist Jordan Duguay did the Webinar regarding Service BDC's on Driving Sales last week. We would be happy to talk with you about how to get started if you would like to take a few minutes. No strings attached :) Carl
Carl Bowen
A few more thoughts about a Service BDC... The tricky part is knowing when to call a service customer. You have to have a good handle on that customer’s service history and driving habits. A good Service CRM system will be able to give you the estimated mileage today based on past history. Obviously you will want to have all of the customer information in front of you so you can answer any questions that you know will arise. Remember you are initiating the call so you need to be prepared! For those of you that currently have Sales BDC’s you already know that calling a customer that is one year into a three year lease rarely “bears fruit” and can sometimes be a little uncomfortable when you discover this during the call. Oops! Also you want to have access to an accurate shop schedule so that you can schedule an appointment right then and there. In addition you want to be able to schedule shuttle rides, loaners, and anything else pertinent to the customer receiving a quality call, appointment, and service visit. Your call center person should have the tools to identify, and the skills to sell the needed maintenance and not just schedule a recall or oil change when a major service is due. The results can be very beneficial to both the customer and the dealer. Three obvious benefits follow: • The customer receives a call from a knowledgeable person from within the dealership. The call center person can answer questions, set the stage for needed maintenance work, check recalls, and make the appointment right then and there. When your call center person is making that outgoing call they need to be prepared, knowledgeable, and in control of that call. • The outgoing call from the BDC saves one incoming call to the service department that inevitably comes at the busiest time of the day. Of course the person answering the phone in the dealer does not have the information in front of them to answer the customer’s questions so they are “on the defense”. Not to mention that the incoming call may have already been left on hold while the adviser closed the repair order for the customer in the waiting room that has been waiting too long already • A skilled call center person is selling (or at least setting the stage) for profitable maintenance work as deemed necessary by the manufacturer and /or your dealership. .... Hours Per RO and parts sales will go up. Hope this helps Carl
Jamie Clark
Thanks Carl, that is helpful! Our Service Department is currently utilizing Service Edge. Any thoughts on using this vs. CDK CRM for the scheduling?

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