Andrew  Hackett


Im trying to get this service BDC off the ground- I have started with recalls, and am moving on to declined work next. Still in the process of taking more inbound calls from the advisors as they are swamped, but it's an ongoing battle. Does anyone have any ideas of what else we can tackle to try and show our service director this is a worthy venture?

Aaron Berg

We implemented a service BDC this past December and have had great results so far. All of our inbound calls are handled by our two service Cashiers/receptionist. This takes the task off of the advisors and leaves lead generation to the BDC itself. We currently have 2 staff members in the BDC strictly making outbound calls. We use a software called Unotifi wich allows us to make custom campaigns to target specific customers such as first service appoinment or Old age vehicles that have not been back in over 12 months. We currently average about 115 customer RO's a day and this level of staffing seems perfect. We are a Toyota store and have seen our redemption for the free maintance sky rocket from our new process. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Andrew  Hackett

Thanks Aaron, Have you encountered any issues with scheduling from your service BDC reps? Do you guys use any type of chart so they know how long common maintenance issues will take, or did they just learn from experience?

Kim Schlimgen

We are at the beginning stages of implementing our service BDC as well. I would like to know how you are tracking your appointments scheduled and appointments that have shown.

Andrew  Hackett

What crm is are your service writers using? Is it different then your sales crm?

Tom Massengale

Kim - What scheduling system are you using?

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