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kelly hazlehurst

We are starting a service BDC and I am trying to figure out if I should use my CRM to manage it?  The problem is I can't use the CRM to set appointments so reps will have to bounce from the CRM to our service scheduler.  But the only system to measure productivity is the CRM.  How does your dealership handle this process?  No sales pitches please :)

Allison Nygaard

@kelly I'm very interested in this - have you been able to figure out any way to measure productivity for the Service BDC outside of the CRM? 


Randi DeSantis

We've had a service BDC for about 3 years. They use our CRM (we have VIN) and they use CDK Service to schedule. The appointments show in VIN, so reminder calls and emails can be sent. The closed RO also triggers a follow up call, text or email. It has worked well for us. I also appreciate that if they have a customer comment or concern, it can be saved in the customer profile in CRM to reference later. I also use our phone system (we use a cloud based phone system) to track activity, and we have a queue for the department so I can see all the details and even listen in on phone calls if I am really bored. 

Aimee Rogers

We also use VIN Solutions CRM and CDK Service for scheduling.  You can send texts - pictures and videos, to customers.  They have click to call in Vin so the call is recorded. Our Service BDC doesn't have a problem bouncing between screens. 

Chris Murray

Why would your dealership continue to use a CRM that cannot schedule appointments? That seems almost as if there is no serious comittment to the BDC.

Randi DeSantis

Chris, your response makes me think you have little experience shopping and working in these tools. If I am wrong, please, enlighten me. 

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