Service BDC incentives

Victoria Spencer
I'm a BDC supervisor just for the Service side of our dealership and I want to give my employees opportunities to bonus each month. Its a little bit difficult because yes we do call outbound lists which are for recalls, declined repair orders, etc. I just need a little bit of advice to see where I need to start so I can make getting a bonus each month possible.
Robert Karbaum
One thing I see a lot in Service BDC's is hitting Outbound Call, and Recycle Target per day. Also a big one is a % of gross when a target hours per RO is hit.
mark rask
we pay a flat amount per customer that they get in. We split that amount evenly among them at the end of the month.
Krista Failey
At a previous dealership, I started off doing BDC just for Sales - a few months after, we integrated Service appointments into that. I want to say that I got a flat $10 or $15 bonus for a shown appointment, it was nearly 2 years ago, so I hope my memory is serving me correctly.
Victoria Spencer
Thank you so much for the advice it will help me greatly!

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