service bdc kpi's

Mark Rask

What kpi's are the most important for you to measure in your service bdc?

Chris K Leslie

I like to look at 

* Outbound Call Totals

* Appt Set

* Appt Shown

Derrick Woolfson

I use the same KPI's as Chris, but also like to see how many appointments they have confirmed, and also how many *upsells* they have for the month. 

Mark Rask

So derrick what are they primarily upselling?

Joe Tareen

The most important aspect of an outbound Service BDC is believe it or not the quality of the customer list. If you are calling customers who are not due for service then there isn't a whole lot you can do to bring them in. Either a car needs service or it does not. It's not like sells where what you say on the phone will get the customer to come in. That being said, upsells are critical based on a what the customer needs and those are primarily going to be tire rotations as most OEMs are moving away from Flushes.  Make sure to focus on outbound call efficiency of the agents making the call.  Average talk time, after call wrap up time. You have a cost per call regardless of who's making the call and so make sure the BDC pencils.

Mark @ Autobahn Academy

The above KPIs are amazing. But I always see one missing: Contact % - How many of those customers are actually replying to you. This metric makes or break a BDC.

You can have a terrific show % but if you only reach 30% your BDC will not be profitable. This is the key metric we look after in our Virtual BDC business.

We shoot to have a contact with 85% of our clients within 30 days. 

I suggest you start tracking this forgotten metric. It will change your business :). 

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