Service BDC- lost sales customers?

Andrew  Hackett

currently expanding our service BDC, I'm trying to put together an email or letter I could sent to customers who came into our dealership looking to buy a vehicle, but ended up buying somewhere else. I'm thinking just thanking them for the opportunity to earn their business on their new vehicle, and just highlighting everything our service department can do for them in the future. 


Has anyone done anything like this and could give me some input? Any positive or negative thoughts about it?


Andrew-This is a great initiative to increase your roi on your BDC by converting missed opportunities to revenue in the service drive. Great idea!

Andrew  Hackett

I think it would be benefical, but I can't seem to find too much information on a stratedgy and way of wording it to have the best results? 


Obviously thanking them upfront and mentioning everything we can do for them service wise-

 Any ideas on anything else?


Perhaps a discounted service package, or discounts on regular maintenance?


absolutely, both of these are great. I'm actually adding a sales to service script to my roadmap, I' d be happy to share it with you once it's complete

Andrew  Hackett

Looking forward to it

Ron Henson

We loved doing this in my store.  We would: 1) Invite them to our new owners clinic  2) Offer them a gift for allowing us to put our plate frames on their car 3) Offer a thorough "Delivery" of their new car that was purchased elsewhere (This allowed our product specialists to out shine the competiiton and we spiffed them for doing it.) 4) Give them a coupon for an additional $500 trade allowance when it came time to trade that car in.

It's all about retention and conquest baby!

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