Service BDC pay plans?

Linda Loepker

Would anyone care to share pay plans for service BDS reps?

Small dealership - very small - so we are looking for a pay plan based on on % scheduled, but any information would be appreciated.



Derrick Woolfson

Hi Linda! Here is the pay plan we have for our Service BDC (1 person team):

$11 an hour 

$3 per service appointment that showed (must have a minimum of 60% show rate to qualify)

$150 for 1,200+ phone calls per month

It has worked well for us, and we gave a lower bonus per appointment as service appointments are largely captive. Hope this helps!

Chris K Leslie

If you guys are doing the BDC Assessments. Maybe you could tie it in with that too. 

Appointment Penetration / Appt Show 

DMN Close Rate / Website Lead Close Rate

Mark Rask

we pay 1.00 per appt plus an hourly wage 

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