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Amanda Hilbun

Hi, everyone!

My general manager has tasked me with making the new Service BDC position just like our Sales BDC.  Right now she is getting an hourly wage, but I would love to have a bonus structure set up for her like my sales BDC reps.  Our owner (like most) responds to performance driven pay plans.  For the ones who have a Service BDC setting appts., answering service calls, calling warranty customers for surveys, etc., how do you pay them?  Just curious.  Thanks!

Dosha Palmer

Hi Amanda i honestly think that it is a good idea to have a bonus structure set up for her just like your other reps because they always work harder to get more money lol


Adam Shiflett

I agree with what Latoya is saying. You need to keep the compensation as similar as possible so that it is easier for you to manage/track and so that the rep. feels like they are part of the BDC team not an outcast compared to everyone else. Some thoughts on things you could consider to incentivize on:

  • Appointments set (outbound vs. inbound).
  • Hours generated through appointments set.
  • Owner retention (returning after purchase for service).
  • Customer experience survey completion and average score.

I would be careful with the warranty as a continuous goal/incentive as you don't have full control over what type of repair they are or when they come up.  

Dosha Palmer

Good point on the incentive part adam! spacially with the Owner retention you always want to reward that!

Mark Rask

We pay them hourly with a bonus for each appt that shows. I like the idea of paying for retention

Elise Kephart

Hello everyone,

Here is a .PDF for review/download of various tier levels for a BDC rep.


Hope this helps!


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