Service BDC Rep Activities

Gary Walker

I have been noticing more Service BDC roles with many of the dealers that I serve.  I was wondering what your opinions regarding activities that role should be doing as a full-time employee?

Setting appointments from Internet "lead" requests, inbound service calls, and outbound service surveys are just a few of the things that I see, but there probably is so much more as we drill down into the details.  Any other ideas?

Thank you,


Ricky Patrick

They also should be making outbound calls from the database. Customers who had service 90 to 120 days ago and haven't rescheduled. First service reminders on new/pre-owned sales.

mark rask

There are so many things that they can do......outbound calls to declined service, no shows, not been in service for a certain period of time, recalls etc

Gary Walker

Thank you for all of the great feedback and ideas.  I appreciate everyone's time here.

Does anyone feel like there should be some result standards for these activities?  Just wondering now... are there any measurement standards out there for all of this?

For example, if a Service BDC Rep contacted 100 service declines, what would be an expected appointment ratio?  This goes for all of these calls.  Sure we would want them to make them, but what would a dealer expect as profit and return on that position.



Andrew Treanor

Breaking out individual campaign results (IE: Declined repairs) will always throw a wrench into standard results. In Service we believe the targeted level of daily performance should be 100 calls and 30 appointments set. This assumes the campaigns are targeted, the results are measured for effectiveness and the agents executing the calls are advanced enough in their skill set to overcome standard objections.  Effective campaign management and execution in the service BDC is what turns BDC's into profit centers!  

Jason Upham

At my dealership, we have a guest services department that handles service CSI calls and service appointment scheduling.  Our Service-oriented BDC or our "Guest Relations" team works with buying cars off the service drive and/or finding replacement scenarios for our current owners and service conquest customers.  They average around 30% of total sales per month in our dealer.  

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