Service BDC Responsibility Expansion - Duties + Bonus

Angie Macaraeg

Hello All!

I manage a healthy BDC department, 13 reps. Of course as a BDC Manager, we have a very very heavy focus on sales. Sometimes I feel like I pay attention to my BDC Sales team way more than my BDC Service team. And I've got some A1 Service Reps, their calls are fantastic. I have 3 BDC Service reps.

I come from a very sales-oriented background, and the thing that puzzles me the most is how can I incentivize my Service Team to keep making calls on fixed operations? What more can they do throughout the day? I believe they deserve a bonus, and before, we did have a bonus plan for service that ultimately backfired, and cost more than we were getting out of it. I want to add more value to my team, so that it would be an easy YES from my GM and Service Manager. 

What are some ways you have utilized your BDC Service to do more than just setting inbound appointments, and calling on follow ups? We don't have very many promotions as of late (something I believe my Service Manager is working on) so it's hard to call on promos.

I'd love to hear what other people are doing. 

Joe Tareen


It depends on what your payplan currently looks like. It is a balancing act to get agents to call customers records who they do not beleive will result in appointments if they are paid on 'Shown' appointments. I would recommend a base hourly pay and tier the bonus based on two factors. 'Shown Appointments' and 'Calls Connected'. I know this kind of a pay plan can be time consuming and tedious to manage but may be worth giving it a shot for a moonth to see the results. I hope this helps.

mark rask

We are considering having our reps start trying to sell service contracts and pre paid maintenance plans.....This should pay a pretty healthy bonus 

Angie Macaraeg

Joe, thank you for the suggestion. We've had such antiquated phone systems that we aren't able to determine what calls actually connects, but within a month we should be getting updated phone systems and I'll really consider a plan like you suggested.


Mark, please let me know how it goes for your BDC on selling service contracts and prepaid maintenance plans. I'd love to see how the training for that goes. It really would give us more to get paid on. And that's always nice.

Chad DeSelms

We also have a large BDC of 13.  All of them handle the sales and the service business in the same room.  Their incentives are weighted on both departments. We went back and forth with separating them but decided to keep them together so more people could handle the phone surge that happens all at once during odd times throughout the day.  

Amy C

Hi - I know this is an old thread but I'm looking for similar info so hoping to get it going again.  We are currently mostly a sales BDC (have 2 reps doing follow up on the service side) and are in the process of switching to all BDC reps doing both sales and service.  Sales reps are paid based on showed and sold appointments.  Service follow up reps are paid based on CSI.  All will soon start making service appointments (incoming calls) and will make outgoing calls to anyone who hasn't been in for service in a year, anyone soon out of warranty, anyone who declined work... etc.  I'm looking for some help in the pay plan - what is the bonus based on for service, is it an appointment bonus or based on work done?  Do you set targets for outgoing calls?  How do you split up the incoming, is it just whomever is available takes it?  For the larger BDCs, of 13, how many incoming calls do you get per day and how many people do you have on each shift?

Thanks very much, any input is appreciated!

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