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Jessica Agee
Hi All! I am our internet BDC here and handle all of our incoming calls and emails. The newest venture on my plate is working our service drive. So I see the schedule and I have a certain criteria of vehicles to look for but I want to email and or call these prospects to see if they would entertain the idea of selling, or trading in. Does anyone have any ideas, or email templates or scripts I can use to customize to make my own?
Steve Tuschen
If you are able to determine if they are in an equity situation. a phone call stating if I could trade you into a new (enter vehicle) for about the same payment would you be interested.
Brandon McNett
I have a few things, reach out to me if you would like to hear some of the ideas we have implemented. I have some email scripts and call scripts. Equity is a BOOMING market right now and a GREAT equity program starts with the Service Department. It must include both BDC and Service Drive buy in. It doesn't have to be "post appointment" follow up either - we have the customer on the phone when we set the appointment - that's a great time to set the stage too.
Jessica Agee
Thank you guys! Brandon you sound like you are doing what we are working on implementing. I would love to hear any tips, tricks and insight you may have. How do I get ahold of you? You can email me at :) If we have sold the customer, we do have access to their Equity situation which is a plus and those are typically easy to convert.
Rob Chandler
I know a lot of dealers who have had success with this by making the conversation more about the need for their vehicle, vs. going into a sales pitch of asking them to trade. Talk about how you have customers looking for their exact vehicle, and ask permission for the dealership to provide them a cash offer. It's a softer touch, and the goal is to have the customer ask questions and be willing to start a conversation with sales. Combined with an equity tool, it can be a powerful thing. If you have easy access, it also helps to be armed with the RO and vehicle info: are they out of warranty, is it a potentially expensive repair, do they have/not have a service contract? Best of luck!
Craig Waikem
Jessica I just emailed you our scripts, use it how you like!

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