sfe assessment

mark rask
I am looking for input on the general motors bdc assessment for sfe. We passed ours but it involved some kind of crazy appt to salesperson ratio that we were never told about
Shannon Hammons
Yea the grading had very little to do with process if you send me your email I can give you the complete info on how everything is graded. Our rep gave us the sheets they use to get the formula's.. We passed as well
Bill Havican
The goal is a 1:1 ratio of appointments per salesperson per day. The formula is: Total sales appointments for the month / working days / salespeople
mark rask
thanks for the input guys.......we passed but will do better next time
Shannon Hammons
Someone emailed me yesterday about wanting the info on the assessment. I accidentally erased your email. Please email me again and I will send it to you.
mark rask
We did get a 98 on our second one!

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