Share Your Google Analytics Dashborads

Jason Stum
One of the things I like about Google Analytics is being able to create a collection of widgets in a dashboard that give me an overview of specific metrics and stats at a glance. If you're currently using dashboards, I thought it might be fun to share some of ours here with the DS community. And if you aren't using dashboards, there's no better time to start using them than right now. I'll kick things off by sharing a dashboard that I install on all of my websites. It shows: # Visits # Hours & Directions page views # New Car VDP Views # Used Car VDP Views Time on Page New VDP's Time on Page Used VDP's Top 10 Viewed New Cars Top 10 Viewed Used Cars Click the link below to add it to your GA account The data was formatted based on a Dealer eProcess website. You will have to tweak the data strings to match the nomenclature for your own website to have it work properly. Try it out and let me know what you think. Do you have any dashboards you'd like to share?
Chris K Leslie
I love that word "Nomenclature" Here are a couple of mine.
Chris K Leslie
Jason, I took your template and adjusted it a bit to what I would want to see. I added some stuff related to adwords and campaigns. I look to look at destination URL's as it gives me an idea of who is sending us what and how.
Jason Stum
Good stuff Chris, thanks for sharing. I'll be importing into GA in the AM. I should add for context that the dashboard I posted is one I use to show GM's & Sales Managers as I think it provides understandable data that's easy to tell a story about.
Chris K Leslie
I've been playing around with It'll hook up with your GA and you can turn those numbers into visual sets.
Lezlie Brannan
Great stuff, guys. Thanks for sharing. Here's what I've been using, not nearly as useful as what you guys are doing.

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