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Mark Rask

Please share your  most successful short term follow up schedules

Derrick Woolfson

The short-term follow-up for our BDC team is any lead that is 2-4 weeks. We have it broken down by the following: working, hot, no-response, & appointment set - we first focus on "hot," customers which could be a customer who was waiting for a specific used car (which could be a 3+-month-old customer, too), wanted to wait a month, or needs a co-signer, etc. As for the "No Response" customers - we stop calling every day after 3 weeks. Organizing/prioritizing the leads makes a world of difference when strategizing who to call. 

As a salesperson short-term follow up is a consistent follow-up schedule, as frequent as possible and as long as I can make contact and continue to add value. I gauge the temperature of the customer as well to ensure I am not applying too much follow-up pressure, but rather a sense of urgency when necessary. The biggest thing is to stay in contact, add value, and realize that 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting. So frequency is key to success in my opinion as long as the value is there! 

Types of follow up? DEFINITELY make the phone call, more than once. Alway's leave messages. Follow up by phone or text the following day at most, things change quickly with customers, especially the ones who seem to have "all the time in the world." If you're not careful with those customers you'll end up being the "nicest salesperson they've never bought a car from."

Send a video text, use handwritten notes like a thank you. Send an email, whatever it is there are all kinds of creative ways to follow up just be sure to add value, improve the customers' position, not by discounting but by offering great information to encourage a confident buying decision with you and your dealership!

PS. Hey Derrick and mark, hope you're both well and kicking butt!

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