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Jeff Bollinger
I'm a team leader (bdc) at a reasonably large dealership, for 2015 I had a 43.3% lead to show rate, and a 52.8% appointment show to delivered. The other members of the bdc have had fairly similar numbers for lead to appointment show, but the numbers tumble when it comes to the client driving home. We round robin the appointments to management, and then they're turned over to the individual sales person, so it's fairly randomized I wanted to see if anyone might have some insight as to why we have such a large gulf, I really don't think that it all boils down to my skill at the end. Thank you
Lauren Moses
Jeff, check your response times, response rates, etc. things like that. Are y'all making cold calls along with inbound leads and calls? How often do y'all do training events? Do you have a good process set up for how follow ups are to be handled? All these things play into it. Be proud those are good numbers. Roughly how many vehicles does that total for y'all a month?
Jeff Bollinger
Those are just straight inbound, we track our outbounds separately, all the response time is tight, I've created a fairly tight internet process that gives a little bit of customization, but the bulk of information for the first couple touches is a template. Training outside of what I handle is non-existent, despite the effort to get more. You're probably right about follow-up, this is the great unknown, I have to hunt for my paycheque, and don't have enough hours in the day to check everyones follow-up as in depth as I would like. We delivered 723 units (inbound and outbound leads) last year, give or take it'd put us at around 48 units a month
Matt Lowery
My question is, when you say their numbers tumble, is it the show that tumbles or the sold. Are their leads actually coming in the door and just not buying? Or are they not showing? If they are showing up at the dealership and not buying at the same rate, I would look at what we are saying to get them in. Are we overpromising over the phone and then not delivering? If they aren't showing, I would ask if we are selling the appointment in writing? Are we sure we aren't making appointments when the customer said something like, "maybe Ill stop by this weekend."
Jeff Bollinger
This is where it gets weird Matt, the lead to show is very close between everyone, the show to delivered drops 20%ish across the board. Everyone follows the same process after the appointment is booked, we have appointment reminder emails, and if it's over 24 hours, phone confirmation. It's not getting the meat in the seats that's the hiccup, it's sending them home in one of our vehicles. We're looking into the verbiage that's used to set the appointment, seeing if there's something that's setting up our salesteam for failure.
Matt Lowery
Ya, I would look at what we say to get the appointment. I find in most BDC I set up that when this is happening, the rep is overpromising in order to get the appointment. Not sure if you have a call monitoring system, but I would go back and listen to some calls. How long has this been going on for? If its just 1 month, anything can throw numbers off for a month. If its ongoing, my money is on the reps are writing checks the managers cant cash. :P

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