Showroom Visit or Internet Lead?

Derrick Woolfson

If the customer converted off of the website a few times - for this example let's say Dealer Website & OEM  - but did not communicate with anyone and just showed up, do you count that as a showroom up or internet lead? 

I offer that because the whole point of marketing is to see where the customer "came from." In the case, the customer found you online and converted off of the website. However, in many cases, I have seen dealers just mark it as a showroom up, which means that it does not count as an internet lead that sold. 

The only flip-side I see to this is the idea that dealers are concerned (those with BDC's) that the BDC might get credit/paid for a sale when it was a showroom up. Point taken, but all the BDC Manager has to do is audit the CRM on a daily basis and make sure they do not get credit/paid for the lead. 

Thoughts? How do you manage this issue? 

Mark Rask


Derrick Woolfson

It's all about *good* reporting. As you know, it is quite difficult to defend a lead source/vendor when the sources are not marked correctly. 

John Goll

It came from the website and seems to be the main driver on why they came in to the showroom, so I'd consider that as Internet lead. 

Chris K Leslie

All the stats in the world say somewhere between 90-99% of people who buy from us, research the vehicle on our sites or 3rd party sites. That means that even the showroom traffic is really internet traffic. I haven't met a person in our showroom who hasn't been to our website. 

One could make the reverse argument too by saying that the store is on their way to work and they drive by 3x a day and only submitted a lead online for some reason. So it should be a showroom lead. 

blah blah blah. 

Mark it Internet Dude... 


Bart Wilson

I agree with Chris.  I feel like its easier to segment the people who DIDN"T use the website.

Attribution is becoming more and more confusing as we learn more about buyer behavior.

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