Smart Price by Red Bumper

Jake McCracken
Used Vauto for a couple years, then changed to RedBumper. Lasted 3 months, then back to Vauto. RedBumper didn't work for our store. Very glad to be back on Vauto.
Scott Nelson
Thanks for your comments guys. Jake, could you please leave a rating for both? We would really appreciate it! TKS! :o)
Randi DeSantis
We were on vAuto for two years- and recently moved to RedBumper. So far- the transition has been rough. RedBumper doesnt have as tight of an integration with its inventory aggragator (LiquidMotors)- so the process of pricing, adding comments and photos, and generally getting your vehicles internet ready seems more cumbersome. So far, my guys are not on board with RedBumper- and state that they prefer vAuto. The difference (and this is a lot of RedBumper talking) is in the philosophy. RedBumper uses market data, as well as historical data from your own database. vAuto has a strong hold on the market, the pricing, and the auction. Plus every dealership in our town is on vAuto. We made the move to RedBumper to be different- the verdict is still out on whether being different here gives us an edge, or a disadvantage.
Steve Gerhartz
Thank you all for your feedback!
mark rask
red bumper has been great

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