Split Deals?

Derrick Woolfson

Do you split deals? If so, how do you manage that? We have had instances where if we were to split the deal it could make or break the sales consultants commission tier. 

Chris K Leslie

Should have sold more cars then.. 

Jeff Petrella

We usually take care of it ourselves by "buying" their half. Most guys here are cool with it as long as it doesn't hurt their status.

Bart Wilson


How does that work?  I'm not familiar with that

Jeff Petrella

Bart, I would pay the other consultant in cash what he would normally make in commission. For example if the car is supposed to pay $200 flat, I would pay the other guy $100. I get to keep the full commission in my pay and any bonuses, he/she gets what they've earned in cash.

Some guys will take their tax rate into consideration, but I usually try to keep it simple. They're doing me a favor, so I don't quibble over a few bucks.

Bart Wilson

Aah.  Makes sense.

I have a few thoughts.  First off, the sales floor should determine the split process and rule on disputes.  This shouldn't be something managers have to rule on.  Regardless on how cut and dry you feel your split rules are, there will be gray area.

Also, any activity had to be in the CRM.  It's a good way to drive CRM usage in the store.  If you have a 72 hour contact rule, it had better be documented.

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