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Patrick Pizzi

I have currently been interviewing to fill 2 open BDC rep positions. I have talked with everyone from cashiers, cooks, masons, seasoned salemen and slightly experienced BDC reps.  Without boring everyone with my problems I took over a broken BDC and have been trying to fix it for the past 2 months. I am in immediate need of more bodies to handle leads the overwellming amount of leads I am currently getting. Which brings me to my real reason for posting this...

Have other managers out there found it better to hire experienced salesmen and convert them, former BDC reps or people from any other sales positions within a dealership OR find someone with no experience no bad habbits and spend the time money and effort in to training them?  

I always believed it cost you more hiring the wrong person then not hiring at all but with that said more is lost by indecision then no decision. 


Patrick-great post. I've been thinking of writing a BDC onboarding best practice blog but haven't gotten around to it.  

I stay away from former BDC reps and sales people especially CAR SALES PEOPLE. It's rare to break the habit of selling a car over the phone and that's the last thing we want to do. One bad apple that does this can contaminate your entire team and negate any training efforts you have invested. A phone room environment, even with just a few people can be contagious. Jane has been around for 4 months and has learned the talk tracks and processes you want her using. Then Joe the former car salesman comes in and sells the car, not the apponiotment. Jane will inevitably, eventually become less inclined to sell the appointment and more inclined to sell the car. I've seen this happen many, many times.  Don't set yourself up for any more churn than necessary.

Generally speaking, Women and younger ladies work best, they are much less intimidating over the phone and have a bubbliness that works in your, and their favor. In fact, usually, when a woman answers a phone up the first thing a customer says is "can I speak with a salesman"...(this is a GOOD thing) Single moms can make GREAT BDC reps. 

I don't care about resumes for BDC reps. Here's why

You're looking for personality and the ability to be fluid on the phone over any resume or experience set. I first screen (LOTS) of applicants voice-mails before ever meeting candidates for a face to face interview. It helps weed out the applicants who 1- can't follow the directive to submit a voicemail rather than a resume and 2-allows you to assess their phone presence - if they sound upbeat and energetic and have a somewhat prepared message, I will have them come in for a face to face interview. Basically, I put myself in the position of a customer, would this person engage me as a consumer? If their voicemail selling them self to me sounds like they are half asleep and not interested...well, those are the kinds of voicemails they will leave your customers. Since we leave LOTS of voicemails, this is important. 3-It ultimately saves you LOTS of time by only inviting the BEST in for an interview. The downside is that I usually advertise heavily and invest in the recruiting campaign to get the number of candidates for a good selection pool, but these are your front line troops so if I have to spend $500 or even $1000 to get a good talent selection to invite in, I find it a very well worth tradeoff. 

Not to toot my own horn, but I have it almost down to a science having built and rebuilt many BDCs I speak from experience. If you follow the above you'll be way ahead of the curve. If you need help I'd be happy to assist with talent selection  and/or training either on or offsite. 

mark rask

Colin has some good points......stay away from former car guys

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