Suggestions for a Phone Script?

Alexis Bassler
I am putting together some general phone scripts for my BDC team. I am working on one for people who will be coming out of their lease within the next 6 months. Any suggestions for this script (or any others)?
Elise Kephart
Hey Alexis, great question/post! If you get the voicemail: BDC: (call from office line) Hi Alexis, this is Elise at ABC Motors. I was reviewing your portfolio on your 2012 Honda Accord and I have some important information for you. Call me back when you have a quick moment, my number here is 805-441-3398. It's about 9am here on Wednesday, I will be in the office until 6pm tonight, and I will be sure to followup later today as well if I don't hear anything back. BDC: (2 hours later, call from cell phone) if you get their vm again, hang up. BDC: (2 hours later, call from *67) if you get their vm again, hang up. BDC: (2 hours later, call from office line) If you get their voicemail again "Hi Alexis, Elise here again with ABC Motors. I have been trying to reach you today about the 2012 Honda Accord you had leased with us. As mentioned, I have some important information for you. Call me back when you have just a quick moment, my number here again is 805-441-3398. Its about 4pm here on Wednesday, as mentioned I will be in the office until 6pm this evening and if I don't hear back from you today-I will be sure to followup first thing in the morning. ONCE YOU MAKE CONNECTION BDC: It's a great day here at ABC Motors, this is Elise, how may I help you? CUSTOMER: this is Alexis, you have been trying to reach me about my Accord? BDC: ohh, yes Hi Alexis, thanks for calling me back CUSTOMER: no problem BDC: Are you still driving your 2012 Accord you had leased with us? CUSTOMER: yes BDC: excellent, and just to verify-it's white diamond with the black leather? CUSTOMER: yep, I love the white! BDC: okay perfect! How many miles does it have now? CUSTOMER: just under 30k BDC: excellent! Well the reason I was calling, is I am a sales assitant representative here at ABC Motors, and one of our sales professionals has a customer who came to us to get a new 2015 Accord and unfortunately wasn't able to get approved on a new one so I am looking for a pretty specific used one to fulfill the customers wants and the banks guidelines as well. Your Accord would be perfect! I was looking over your portfolio, and see you are paying about $400 a month right now. As a compensation to you, if I could upgrade you to the brand new 2015 model for about the same payment, maybe even less-would I be able to buy back your vehicle? CUSTOMER: wow, that sounds great. How much will you give me for it? BDC: that's a great question, thanks for asking. The first thing we want to do is make sure that your vehicle upon inspection will meet all of our needs. I am sure it will, it sounds nice. I have a used car buyer who does all the professional inspections on our buy back program. He is here today until 7pm. When would you be available to drop in? Would right now work or later this evening? CUSTOMER: possibly this evening, I am off at 4 BDC: excellent. Let me take a look at what is available....okay, this evening...looks like we have a...4:15 and a 5:45, which of those works best for you? CUSTOMER: probably the 5:45. I will have to talk to my husband BDC: I understand, I would want to talk to my husband as well. Let's go ahead and do this. We can get pretty busy here at ABC motors, so lets go ahead and make the 5:45 a tenative appt. That way, if you do stop in-you aren't waiting on us and we are waiting on you. Worse case scenario, if your husband is unavailable or you can't make it in, we can always reconnect and reschedule. CUSTOMER: okay that sounds good BDC: and Alexis, do you remember where we are located at? CUSTOMER: oh yes, I go there for my oil changes. BDC: okay great! I will go ahead and tentatively schedule you in for 5:45 this evening. Do you still receive texts on this number? CUSTOMER: yes BDC: alright perfect. I am going to shoot you a text when we get off the phone with my name, my names Elise, and our appt this evening at 5:45. CUSTOMER: okay sounds good. BDC: great, thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you.
Elise Kephart
I aim the above lines not toward necessarily reminding them that their lease is up but more aiming at wanting to buy back their car. I focus on a need to buy back their car and a compensation to them.If I focus on the fact that their lease is up, they may start shopping online and looking at other brands or other dealerships. This controls the tone to the fact that the dealership wants to buy back their vehicle and that the dealership is compensating them back with a new model.
Alexis Bassler
Thanks Elise, very helpful! I'm in a unique business that personally in my years in auto sales have only seen in NYC and even here it is still a growing thing. We are more like leasing brokers, even though we are expanding. Major differences: BDC is less focused on selling an appointment (unless for an appraisal) and more focused on driving the customer towards specifying their vehicle interests/budget/time frame and if it's a hot lead...then handing over to a salesperson to solidify details and finalize the deal. There are pros/cons as with everything...but I am brainstorming the best way to utilize this type of process.
Craig Waikem
When our customers have less than 6 months to go, we send them a Certified Letter from the USPS with a date and time on it for their pre-inspection (which is a waikem lease pre-inspection). The pre-inspection is beneficial for the customer because we look it over and prepare them for the factory turn in. Low tire tread, we can help! Need a scratch, fixed? We can do it cheaper than the rest. Need to lower your payment? Let's run some numbers. Mileage getting high? Lets look at a new car! Want to buy it out? We can do it here now! Since it comes in a huge envelope, certified, they open it, and take it heart. It costs us $5 just to mail it! BUT... does it generate phone calls! Everyone of course re-schedules to a time and dates best for them but our response rate, show rate and close rate is through the roof.
Alexis Bassler
That's not a bad idea at all, Craig - but it does sound very expensive! Do you feel that the returned calls/buyers that you generate from it makes it worthwhile? I'm assuming it must be a high volume of return (but getting them to actually open the letter is genius)

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